On a local danish TV station and Youtube you can see below portrait of Peter.

Illness and tour portrait

Excert from the local Danish newspaper ‘Sydkysten’ on August 15, 2015.

Peter from Ishøj will ride across America – on his bike!

When Peter Møller along with thousands of others will take on ‘TRÆDTIL DANMARK’ arranged by Danish Cancer Society - it is only the first stage of a much larger project. The consultant, diagnosed with melanoma in 2013 will set out to cross the United States on a bicycle in the fight against cancer in 2016.

With the diagnosis of melanoma two years ago, it was not wide open spaces and thousands of kilometers of paved countryside road Peter Møller dreamed of. In fact, he didn’t dream of anything - everything was black and the shock of having been diagnosed with a terminal illness filled everything. However, little by little he found the strength to bounce back and little by little an old idea started to bubble up and take a more concrete form than ever

I always liked to ride my bike. In the last 4-5 years I have both cycled in the Alps and in Majorca and I also love ride my bike to work from Ishoej to Dragor - weather permitting. I have had my dream of crossing the US for many years, but in connection with a holiday, my good friend Erik Bergmann and I agreed that now was the time, says Peter Møller.

Illness played a role!

There is not much positive to be said about being diagnosed with any type of cancer. Though Peter recognizes that it was actually the illness which affected his decision about follow his boyhood dream and ride 5.300 kilometers across the US from San Francisco, CA to New York City, NY.

I’m not sure this would have become a reality had I not been diagnosed with melanoma. This is the only positive thing I can take from this. I have learned not to postpone everything for later. It becomes clear that no one can predict how things are 5 years from now, NOW is the time, Peter explains.

Many aspects!

It is a major project to take on. Not just the physical kilometers, as if these weren’t enough – app. 5.300 to be exact. Beside the vast amount of training there’s: logistics, sponsors and financial aspects which all must come together – but it’s all taking shape. From the very beginning there was another aspect in Peter’s mind: this would have to done for at good cause!

I have participated in ‘TRÆDTIL DANMARK’ before and it only seemed right that this race in August would mark the beginning of our bigger project. And in the bigger picture it was quite logical and natural that we would use it to raise money for a purpose that went beyond ourselves.

Peter Møller and Erik Bergmann is setting up a system so that people can donate DKK 1,- per completed kilometer to the fight against cancer. The goal is to mount the bikes in San Francisco, CA on September 10th 2016 and head on to New York City, NY.

The bicycle race ‘TRÆDTIL DANMARK’ is arranged be the Danish Cancer Society in cooperation with various local bicycle clubs all over Denmark. It will take place on August 30th and everybody can participate – even mountain bikes. It will be possible to ride several different routes varying from 25 to 100 kilometer. Peter and Erik will ride 110 km.

If you want to get a sense of Peter strong determination and passion for cycling he will gladly share in his spinning classes at Fitness.dk in Glostrup, every Wednesday at 06:30AM and every Saturday morning.