Finally update, where I have been playing around with the numbers:

- We've been through 13 states, and not as previously stated 12. The 13. New Jersey, which of course is "just before New York".
- We have run a total of 5.690 km - 3.535 miles - of the 32 stages. This is equivalent to 178 km - 111 miles - on average per stage.
- We have climbed 33,296 vertical meters - 10.600 feet - in total. This is equivalent to 1,041 vertical meters - 342 feet - per stage, and to 30 times up the Alpe d'Huez.
- We've been sitting on the bikes in 253 hours, and it is about 8 hours per day on average.
- Our daily updates received a total of 3,576 likes, to have written 980 comments, and they have been shared 403 times!
- I recorded 3 videos along the way, with the theme: "Go to the doctor in time - man!" The three videos are viewed by 11,950 people, and they are divided 341 times!
- Danish TV2 Lorry also followed us on the trip, and posted seven short videos on their website and Facebook page. They have been seen 103,200 times and shared countless times.
So there seems to wring more out of the figures :-)

What is missing then? What will YOU be bombarded with in the future? :-)
- I had the TV Ishoej visit last week. They make a feature, which is also posted on You Tube, I will give you a hint about it.
- TV2 Lorry also have something in the pipeline. We have not yet been completely agreed on where it ends, but you will also get a hint about that.
- Unfortunately, there have been a little heavy collaboration with the Danish Cancer Society and I am really annoyed. But after a good dialogue with the organization's director yesterday, we agreed that when our bikes are in Denmark again (they are crossing the Atlantic by ship in writing), we will cycle to the head office and hand over our / your donations . Exactly what the money is going to go to, we have even been allowed to decide. That you will also hear about!

Across USA on bike 2016 - Team HOPE


Then we start the direct collection to The Danish Cancer Society. Here YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR COMPANY, FRIENDS etc., in short ALL can donate a small and very much like large amounts. There may be paid disposable amount or you can choose to add money for each kilometer driven! ALL amounts received with gratitude.
We have set the goal high and hoping for a total amount of 50.000, - Danish kr., But there is no upper limit ...........
In advance: THANK YOU !! Erik and Peter ......

Click the link below or use Mobilepay to my number +4520202043 and I will tranfer to the site, with your coments. I’m sorry the site are in danish :-)


On September 13th 2016, we intend to commute from San Francisco to New York, in other words, across the United States. After 5.412 km/3.363 miles we expect to arrive in New York on October 17th. This is equivalent to riding 200 km a day with inlaid 3 rest days. 26.282 vertical meters and 285 hours in the saddle! It will be 2000 km longer than the world's toughest cycling race ‘Tour de France’ and we ride without escort cars, soigneurs, masseurs, mechanics and so on.

‘Several others have done that before!’ - this is correct. However, we do stand out anyway - in all modesty – stand out a lot, compared to the younger ‘well trimmed’ bike athletes.

Erik Bergmann: 58 years old. After working many years as a police officer, Erik became the personal driver for Mærsk McKinney Møller (late CEO of A.P.Moller). The employment, however, ended in a tragic accident at work with years of living in pain to follow. Now, after many treatments and operations, Erik is once again fit for fight, and has begun to prepare for the challenge of his life.

Peter Møller: 65 years old. Has in recent years worked in various municipalities in the detection of benefit fraud and did retire from Dragør municipality in the summer of 2016. Was in November 2013 diagnosed with melanoma with subsequent operations, treatment and check ups every 3 months. It will take 5-10 years before he can really relax and believe to be cancer free, but instead of just sitting down and wait, an old boyhood dream of cycling across the United States must be acted out.

In the early planning stages we quickly agreed that we would ride for a good cause. It was obvious that it would be Danish Cancer Society, and thus it will remain so. We will create a donation opportunity where everyone has the opportunity to contribute with any amount they see fit i.e. a certain amount for each completed kilometer.

However, before we get there we have a wide range of expenses which we must attempt to cover and that is what we will work on the next 6 months before departure.

Our motto is:

‘Help US to help others in the fight against cancer!’

and we’re seeking sponsors to cover the large expenses associated we a trip like this and luckily we have already succeed to secured some – but we need more.

Homepage in Danish: